Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creating AVD's

As promised I am updating you on things I learned during my initial setup of the Android environment.

So the first time around I was following the Google documentation and created an AVD using the terminal and while I appreciate the power of command lines, I am a sucker for GUI's.  Thankfully I have discovered that you can create and manage AVD's inside of Eclipse by going to: Window -> Android SDK and AVD Manager.

Once you are in the Android SDK and AVD Manager, click Virtual Devices on the left hand side and then the New button on the far right to create a new AVD.

NOTE: When attempting to create a new AVD, if you are expecting to see available Targets but don't, it means you have not yet installed the SDK Platform Packages.  To do this, select the Available Packages on the left and then check the top level node in the window on the right to get all the available packages and then select Install Selected.

To make sure I'm covered with testing, I went ahead and created AVD's for each target (ex: Android2.1, Android1.6, ...) with a 64MB SD Card on them.

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